Sunday, August 23, 2009

Uncle Lance, Aunt Kim, and The Olive Garden

Team Darnell loves when we have visitors.  The boys are learning to socialize once they get over a few moments of shyness.  Jared seems to be the most timid, but soon comes around once he sees his brothers getting all of the attention.  This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim.  They arrived after the boys were in bed, but come morning time we were all up early, ready to kick off our weekend.  Lance and Kim brought the boys a gift: a bowling set complete with milk jug bowling pins, and a bowling ball that moos like a cow and plays a quick banjo song.  We had fun setting up the pins and teaching the boys to knock them down.  They all approached it with their own style, but all three were pretty good at knocking stuff over already.  Soon after, the party was moved to the back yard for some aquatic fun.

Hang on boys...Uncle Lance is about to launch the swings!
Andrew takes a plunge down the slide.
The beach ball attacks Jared yet again!
The boys are treated to an afternoon walk around the neighborhood.
That evening we went out for dinner at The Olive Garden.  The boys were perfect gentlemen, and of course we were the center of attention.  The boys have been eating with forks for a couple of weeks, so here was their chance to show off their skills.
Jared wants to know "How you doin'?"
Huh...just like the chicken and broccoli we get at home.
Andrew enjoying some "il pollo palpa"
Mama Mia!  Dat's a spicy meatball!
Andrew is immune to the paparazzi.

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