Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The past weekend we decided to let the boys try a meal with forks. They have been doing great with the plates so thought we would give this a try. The boys were curious and surprisingly patient. While there was little success of using the fork to get food to their mouths, it was a great start!

It was a little painful to watch as they would try over and over and over again to stab a piece of food. But, it was great to see them try something new without getting too frustrated.

The following is a few minutes of their first attempt with me and then a few minutes with Daddy teaching. Warning - this is not the most exciting video but it is a great milestone that I want to remember. The funniest moment is about 45 seconds in when Wes succeeds in getting a banana on his fork and then it's gone!

My babies are growing up so very fast!!
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