Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trip to Mommy's Office (R2b Conversion Weekend)

This weekend was a big weekend for Mommy at work. Over the past three years, I have working for a company that was designing and developing the Child Welfare information system in Florida. After the culmination of many long hours, this weekend was the weekend when the big and final release was introduced for all of the hard working child welfare professionals statewide. Over the weekend, our team was converting the information from the legacy system into the new system, Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN). Conversion is typically a long process. To entertain the guys at the office, I decided to bring my guys into the office for a little comic relief.

Here are the boys in my office. Just think, the four of us (Mommy + 3 boys) spent many long hours sitting at that desk while I was pregnant. Also, do you think I have enough pictures of the boys in my office???
Here is Wesley providing oversight to Mr. Kwabena, Mr. Bala, Mr. Ravi and Mr. Sanjay....
Mr. Brian (left) is my manager and he was entertaining the boys by giving them cookies, spinning them in the conference room chairs AND letting them wear his FSU helmet. The boys looked good in the helmet.... soon boys!
Mr. Jason is very good at analyzing data (and reanalyzing and then reanalyzing). Wesley is giving him some pointers about how we can still do a quality job without taking SOOOO long :-) just kidding Mr. Jason (well, not really)....
Mr. Andy is our Testing Manager and apparently uses chocolate chip cookies to fuel his testing team. Here he is sharing some of the cookies with Jared and Andrew...
Oh no.... one of the jobs is running very slow and putting everything behind schedule. The team does not know what to do so they call in the big guns. Move over gentleman, Andrew will get the job back on track....
The boys were just what the team needed. They had worked overnight the night previously and a little toddler fun helped pass the time. We were at the office for about 2 hours and the boys were very well behaved. At the end of the time, it was time to leave because all of those chocolate chip cookies were starting to kick in and the boys started running up and down the halls. I spend so much time at this office, it was great to see the boys at the office. Now when I am having a long meeting in that conference room, I can think about the boys spinning in the chairs. That will certainly bring a smile to my face!

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