Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mommy & Daddy's Little Helper

Wesley has long since been labeled our "dare devil." It is true that Wesley likes to do things higher and faster than his brothers. He seems to have no fear and is usually the first to try something. When he falls, he does not usually skip a beat even though my heart has skipped a few!

To my pleasant surprise, Wesley has taken on a new label of our little helper!!! It started one day when I was getting the boys ready for breakfast. The boys get their sippy cups when they wake up. Then, I collect them and refill them for breakfast. Sometimes it is a challenge to find the sippy cups so I will request assistance from the trio. Usually, this request goes unanswered. Then.... one great day, Wesley actually joined into the sippy search. He was looking high and low and actually found the last sippy underneath the couch.
Very proud moment!!! Now before breakfast, Wesley's "chore" is to collect all of the sippy cups. He is so cute picking these up and bringing them one by one to me.

He has also expanded his help to collecting the straps for the feeding table seats. The boys pull these out between meals and Wesley will collect them in preparation for a meal. His other helpful skills come during diaper changes and bedtime preparation. He will bring you diapers, the lotion and even jammies upon request. It is so wonderful to have a little helper!!!!

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