Saturday, April 3, 2010

2 Year Birthday Bash

We decided to celebrate the boy's 2nd birthday over Easter weekend while we were at Grandma's house in Brandon. We also wanted to do a zoo theme since we were planning a trip to Lowry Park Zoo. A few weeks beforehand, we had the boys watch Madagascar so they would be acquainted with zoo animals. This would be their first attempt to sit through a whole movie and it was enjoyed by all.

Kellie found an online store to personalize shirts for our milestone. Each shirt has a character from Madagascar. Andrew's is Alex the Lion, Jared's is Melman the Giraffe, and Wesley's is Marty the Zebra. If you would like to see where to get your own custom apparel, click here to visit the Ebay store.
After the boys went to bed, Daddy went to work putting their three-wheelers together. I thought this only happened at Christmas.
The finished three-wheelers. The boys would find them in the morning.
Saturday morning and the boys just woke up. Notice that they each have their own style of descending the stairs.
Like any typical guy, Jared neglects to read the directions first.
The boys are now in their birthday shirts, and ready to burn rubber!
We headed off to Lowry Park Zoo for the day. One of our first stops was the manatee center which has some spectacular aquariums. This almost looks like the stroller is in the water.
3 inches of plexiglass kept Jared from grabbing the fish.
Jared and Wesley checking out a huge turtle.
Andrew looking at the manatees.
Another first...we all jumped on the carousel. Jared loved it up to the point it started moving.
There is a small area with fountains for kids to splash around. Wesley shows off for a cute little girl.
It was a warm day, but the water was still a bit chilly.
Wesley and Andrew take a break with Grandma.
A rare family photo. Normally one of us is holding the camera.
One of our favorite attractions is the aviary where we can feed the budgies. Wesley gets close to the action.
Andrew demonstrates proper feeding of the birds.
Jared stretches out to feed a pair of birds.
Last year Wesley got to feed a giraffe, so we wanted everyone to have a chance this time. Andrew wasn't too sure about it at first.
Wesley is a pro at this by now.
Jared didn't want to feed the giraffe, but said bye-bye as we walked by it.
After a fun day at the zoo, we met Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim at Cracker Barrel for dinner.
Like two deer caught in the headlights.
Jared snapped this artsy photo of Wesley and Aunt Kim.
The boys tried on some rocking chairs as we were leaving.
Of course we had a Madagascar cake!
They can't wait to dig into their cake.
Andrew blew out his candle.
Jared blew out his candle.
Wesley huffed and puffed, and after several attempts was able to blow out his candle.
This was a silverware-optional party.
Madagascar shirt...Madagascar cake...Madagascar plates...
Andrew uses Alex the Lion to help clean his plate.
All that sugar lead to a balloon fight.
Time to open gifts! Grandma gave them a very cool Tot Clock. This clock changes colors, plays music, helps with encouragement and "time outs". Find it here.
Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim gave them a sprinkler toy...
...and an Elmo Speak and Seek.
Cousin Zack gave the boys some books. Wesley shares one with Grandma.
Overall it was a great birthday celebration and the boys really enjoyed themselves. How are we ever going to top it next year? I am confident Mommy will think of something!

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