Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Second Play Date

Team Darnell had so much fun at their first play date, they decided to invite their friend Cal and his mom, Ms. Katrina, over for another one.

To get things started, the boys were entertained by Carrot Top who did a toned-down version of his hit Vegas act. Warren Sapp also appeared to toss around a football with all the boys. They were kind enough to pose for a few photos!

Just when we thought it couldn't get any more fun, the boys were treated to a flyover by the Blue Angels! During the air show, a dinosaur came out of the woods to join in on the festivities! The fence was adorned with hundreds of balloons, each one filled with Skittles!

OK, here is what really happened. Ms. Katrina and Cal came over this morning for a play date. The boys were proud to show off their play room and all of their toys to their friend, Cal. We moved from play room to living room, back to the play room, back to the living room. The boys tried to see-saw for a while, but someone would always jump off midway leaving everyone else a bit unbalanced.

We then took the party into the backyard, and let our dog Murray come out with us. Murray is very excitable, even more so around new people, but Cal handled him pretty well. All the boys played on the fort, tried their hands at hitting a baseball off the tee, and kicking around the soccer ball. Everyone enjoyed themselves, but it was getting close to lunch/nap time, so Cal and Ms. Katrina said their goodbyes. During lunch I asked Wesley if he had fun with Cal. He kept repeating "fun with Cal" which sounded more like "fat cow" but I understood what he was saying. We look forward to future play dates and letting the boys socialize with other children and their buddy Cal. I was having so much fun and forgot to take photos, so I embellished the ones you see above.

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