Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Magical things always happen when the boys wake up at Grandma's house. Santa Claus delivers presents, three-wheelers appear in her living room, and the Easter Bunny stops by. On Easter morning the boys found three baskets full of goodies including candy, flash cards, and books.

The Easter Bunny poses with Easter buckets.
Jared is delighted that his chick hops across the table.
Grandma looks on as the boys inspect their Easter booty.
Andrew dives into his bucket to find candy.
Wesley checks out the flash cards.
It would be a while before we had Easter dinner, so we took the boys to a public park near Grandma's house. When we arrived we found a church service going on right next to the playground.
Wesley gives us some extra cheese!
Jared goes down the slide.
Wesley found the corkscrew slide to be more fun.Heading up for another turn on the slides.
I don't know why Jared grabbed Wesley's hand, but it sure is cute.
After our morning of fun and fellowship, we headed to Taco Bell/Pizza Hut for a quick lunch. They were more thirsty than hungry.
The boys took a nap, we had a fabulous Easter dinner, then it was time to hunt for Easter eggs. We put out around 150 eggs for the children to find. They were joined by their cousins Zach, Elizabeth, Ryan, and Rebecca. The boys have never hunted for eggs before, so they followed their cousin's lead. Wesley caught on pretty quickly.
So did Andrew, with a little help from Uncle Lance. Wesley just found another one!
We circled the house several times and searched high and low.
Jared found a stick and lost interest in the eggs.
Andrew finds another one!
After the egg hunt we decided to take the boys out front and show them how to ride their new bikes. Aunt Kim instructs Jared while Andrew provides some horsepower.
Jared and Wesley traded insurance information after this fender bender.
Daddy pushes Andrew along the street.
Andrew is so confident in his pushing abilities, he tried to move a parked car.
This doesn't seem fair. Wesley struggles to push Uncle Lance.
Wesley looks at yesterday's birthday cake in disbelief.
The next morning, the boys put on outfits from Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim and catch up on some Nick Jr.
We had to somehow get the three-wheelers home, plus we wanted to bring home our high chairs. Daddy was able to get everything secured to the truck, and we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies driving north on I-75!
We made it home safely and with everything still attached. The boys had a great birthday/Easter weekend with Grandma and family!

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