Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grocery Shopping Team Darnell Style!

Each Saturday morning, we have breakfast and then Daddy heads off to the grocery store to stock up for the next week. Occasionally, he takes one of the boys with him. This morning, he was planning to take Andrew with him. We told Andrew to get ready to go and he raced over to the ottoman and pointed to his shoes saying "shoes, shoes, shoes." I grabbed the shoes and got Andrew ready to go! Once Andrew was ready, I looked over to the ottoman to find both Jared and Wesley sitting there swinging their legs. They were patiently waiting for us to put on their shoes.

I looked at Daddy and said, "awe, look at them." I then asked if he wanted to take all the boys. His reply, "let's all go!" After asking several times, "are you sure?," I got ready to go and we all headed off to the grocery store.

We walked into Publix and grabbed the big racing car cart for the boys and Daddy pushed the cart for the groceries. We followed Daddy around the grocery store and spent most of our time answering the typical "are those triplets?" questions and all that follow. The boys were on their best behavior! Daddy is a very efficient shopper and we were in and out in a short time.

Before we headed off to the grocery store, we spent some time coloring...
At the grocery store, we had to take a moment to pause by the Milk! Do you see that empty space on the shelf, that is what happens after we take our weekly supply, HA!...
By the end of the shopping spree, Wes was using the paper towels as his seat...
It was a relatively uneventful trip! Maybe we will do it again.

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  1. And there was no crying that there were only 2 steering wheels? LOL


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