Friday, April 30, 2010

Team Darnell has another playdate!

Team Darnell was invited over for another play date by Ms. Katrina and her son, Cal. The boys enjoy playing with Cal and all of his neat toys, so we graciously accepted. Since I neglected to take photos of our last play date, I made sure to bring the camera this time.

Andrew showed more interest in the car this time. His turn would be short lived...
...because Jared was going to carjack him. We are still working on "sharing".
Jared lays on some cheese before shooting hoops.
Cal shows me the sign for "butterfly", then growled at me.
Jared was sinking three-pointers all morning!
Ms. Katrina introduces the boys to a jack-in-the-box. They all jumped when it popped out.
Micky the cat, who stayed in this box during our visit. Last time he was more social.
While we didn't pull out every toy, we still managed to cover the floor.
Wesley takes a break from playing to read a book.
Cal's grandmother made this play mat by drawing a whole town onto a tablecloth. It was very cool and had a lot of detail, including a Starbucks!
Hopefully, this will be Jared's only experience with a police car!
I give many props to Ms. Katrina for having more courage than I do. She suggested that the boys do some finger painting. It actually turned out good, and she had extra t-shirts for everyone to put over their clothes.
Jared had paint on every finger, and is sharing some with Cal.
Andrew and Wesley work on their paintings.
Daddy left the camera sitting out, and Jared came running into the play room with it. This is one of the pictures he took, with his fingers over the lens.
Wesley grabbed Cal's camera to take some photos of his own.
Wesley wouldn't get any closer to Kota, an interactive dinosaur toy. Kota is pretty big, moves its head and makes noises.

Another successful play date for Team Darnell! We always have fun with Cal, and Wesley reminds us of that all the time. The boys came home, ate lunch, and took a nap. Mommy came home from work and we all headed out for much-needed haircuts and a great dinner at Sonny's Barbecue. After a full day of activities, full bellies, and a bubble bath, they headed off to bed.

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