Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Year Old Pictures!

The boys are officially two and it is time again to get some professional photos taken of the boys! Another triplet family in Tallahassee, highly recommended Terri Smith. Her work is absolutely amazing. We wanted the pictures outdoors and more candid photos than our previous studio photos. She recommended Goodwood Museum & Gardens at 10am. She said it is the best lighting and she was right! Our primary goal was to take pictures of the boys and while we were there, our secondary goal was to try to get a family photo. We had not attempted to take one professionally.

Our session with Terri was on April 13th. Terri has a blog where she posts some pictures from her jobs. She was amazing with the boys! She was engaging, entertaining and most importantly patient. The boys were very active and I do not believe there is one picture in which someone was not in motion. She had to work quick because the second we would position the boys, they were on the move! Our good friend Maria Leon joined us on the morning of the shoot to help herd the boys. The following are the pictures from our morning with her that were posted on her blog.

As I mentioned earlier, the family shot was our secondary goal but boy did she exceed our expectations with this one. Jared was moving around and wanted down so bad that I was surprised to see this shot with all of us looking! This one will defiantly find it's way onto a wall of our home.
The boys...
We actually have 90 proofs to choose from. The proofs will be available until April 27th on her website. To look at the full set, click here and then select the boys names on April 15th and you can view all of the photos. If you look at them, please leave a comment and let me know which ones you like! I am having a hard time narrowing it down.

Terri is so wonderful that she is going to meet back up with us to take another shot with Andrew. In the collection, there is a photo of me tossing up Wes and with Mike swinging Jared around. We did not have anything similar with Andrew so she is going to let us complete this 'fun' set of pics. Once I purchase the full set of pics, I will post them!

Terri Smith did such a great job with us, I look forward to working with her again as the boys grow up! I also want to thank Maria for being there for us on this morning. Without her, we would have not been able to get any shots of all three boys. To get the ones we have, we used the 'drop and run' approach while Terri was clicking away!

I can't believe they are really two...

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  1. Great pictures! Good luck choosing which ones to print- I'd want them all if I were you!


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