Thursday, April 22, 2010

Andrew - Our Little Big Helper

The boys always like to help around the house when we let them. Whenever we are changing clothes, they would hand us any garments laying on the floor, or pile them up on the couch. Over the last week Andrew has gone the extra step of collecting all the dirty clothes, heads for their bathroom, and puts them in the hamper. This happens twice a day, once in the morning after changing out of their pajamas, and in the evening before bed.
Drew gathers up last night's jammies.
There are toddler locks on the doorknobs, so he waits for us to open the door.

With three boys, this little hamper fills up quickly! Tossing in the last item before he closes the lid.
"I think we used to take our baths in this little tub."
The last step is pulling the door shut.

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