Saturday, March 21, 2009

All Done? All Done!

Our current philosophy regarding meals is experiment, experiment, experiment! We have accepted the fact that the boys are growing up and we are feeding them more and more types of food. Today was the first day that the boys had a complete day absent of anything from a baby food jar. For breakfast, the boys had cheese grits and bananas, for lunch they had peanut butter toast, green beans and goldfish, for snack they had veggie crunchies, applesauce, blueberries and raspberries and for dinner they had chicken nuggets and broccoli.

I should also point out that the boys have also transitioned off of bottles. They have been all sippy for a few days now. Yesterday, the boys were real fussy in the afternoon and I was alone at bedtime. I broke down and "treated" them to their bottles but today was back to all sippy with no problem.

Andrew is a great eater and will eat anything and everything we put in front of him. Wesley is pickier and it takes him a little while to get adjusted to new textures. Jared is not thrilled with self feeding and is such a slow eater. He does it but likes to play like a chipmunk and just pile all of the food into his mouth and sit there with his mouth stuffed. It's funny because Andrew still has no teeth but can "chew" up his food much better than Jared who has six teeth.

The boys have a few signs to show that they are done with a meal. They will start to play with their food, push food (or sippies) away and the new one is to say they are "All done." When I finish feeding them, I hold up both of my hands and say "all done." A couple days ago, I noticed the boys were starting to hold up their hands at the end of the meal in response to my question of "all done?" At lunch today, after asking "all done," Andrew and Wesley were holding up their arms and saying "a-da." I was so excited because these were the first sounds that resemble words said at the appropriate time.

Here is a little "all done" action after dinner tonight. They did not say anything during this video but they showed they were "all done"...

Did you notice the circling "sharks" below the table? Chewie and Murray both really enjoy meals because they get to enjoy all of the dropping.

Another funny moment from today was the discovery of Andrew playing without his shirt! I was dealing with clothes for our other blog and the boys were playing in the play area. I walked over to the area and found Andrew sitting there without his shirt. He looked surprised and shocked. I caption to the photo below should be.... "huh, what, didn't you say it was naked time?" Funny kids! As you can see in this picture, Andrew still does not have any chickenpox. Jared is pox free as well. Wesley is doing well and the pox seem to be scabbing over so we may be in the home stretch with him.

Well, in regards to this post... I'm "all done."

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  1. Kellie, I don't remember how I came across your blog but I so enjoy reading and watching these beautiful boys grow. You are such a great Mom! Your boys are too cute!


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