Sunday, March 15, 2009

Andrew's First Step!

Andrew has been standing alone more and more each and everyday. Mike arrived home early from work today and he was leaning over the ottoman saying hello to the boys. Andrew was standing at the ottoman and let go to stand without support. We were both watching him closely because we had a "feeling." Well, we were right..... he took a step. He was standing there focused on Daddy and did not realize what was going on and he actually took a step. Both of us looked at each other and said "did you see that." I fully believe he has been able to do it for a while but he is a cautious soul. He had to be distracted to take that first step. Mike and I are rarely together with the boys but we have both been together to witness Wesley and now Andrew's first step! This means that Jared will probably take his first step with the babysitter (ha).

Wesley's walking is getting stronger and stronger! He can step over items, bend over to pick something up and keep moving and walk one length of the room, turn around and walk back. A few nights ago, I started letting him walk to the nursery to go to bed. The first night he fell half way down the hall and did not want to stand back up...very tired. Last night, I opened up the exit to the play area and he walked all the way down the hall and into the nursery. This is approximately a 25' walk. He stopped by Andrew and Jared's crib (to say good night, I am sure) and then I put him into his crib. It was so cute, I said "go to bed" and he just toddled on down the hallway. We are so proud!

I bet it will not be long before he is running.... away from the room and I am screaming.... "I said go to bed." Until then, I will cherish these sweet moments!

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  1. That is so cute! It's wonderful watching them take their first steps. Your Wesley sounds like our Aiden...walking away like he's been doing it forever!


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