Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chickenpox - Take 2...

Yes, that's right.... we have our second case of chickenpox. Wesley is almost healed from his bout with chickenpox. I started to exhale a little bit thinking we were going to have one case... well..... I counted my "chickens" before they hatched (pun intended).

Andrew decided it was his turn to take a run at the pox! It started with a couple blisters that appeared on Sunday. On Monday, it was still just a couple blisters. I tried to convince myself that it was something else. I received a text from Daddy today... "Drew has the pox." The blisters had spread to his abdomen, back and face.

I will let it fully take over and then I will get some pox pics.

Dear Jared,

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... hurry up and show your pox!! I know you have this virus hiding inside of you and we need you to show your pox so that you have plenty of time to heal before your birthday. If you start showing today, we still have enough time to be done by April 12th. I love you little guy and I certainly do not want to wish this on you BUT.... you don't want to miss your party, time with family and a great cake all to yourself.... do you? I am begging.....



Take care,

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  1. Sending big HUGGS your way. I hope that they are all healed by birthday time. It really could be worse, you could have 3 sick kids at the same time with the pox. I hope Drew makes it through them with no major problems.


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