Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 10 - Home Sweet Home...

Above is our departure picture from Houma with Aunt Sue and Aunt Connie. The boys are dressed in their snowflake outfits to symbolize the "Three Little Eskimos."

Well, this is it! We did it! We survived a 10 day trip with 10 month old triplets.

Here is a little summary of the trip in numbers ....
Total Days - 10
Days in the Car- 6
Hours of Traveling - 40
Total Miles Traveled - 2,100
Ready to feed bottles used - 96
Diapers used - 210
Relatives Met - 30+
Friends Met - 30+
Times the car was packed and unpacked - 12
Radio Stations Listened to - ONE

This last stat is very important for our family. During our entire relationship, Mike and I have agreed on many thing but the one thing we have never been able to come to consensus on is our musical preferences. While traveling, the driver usually has control and the other tolerates the others selection. When we started out this trip, I worried about what we were going to do with so many hours in the car. It was only a few minutes into the ride when a suggestion for a compromise was tossed out. We agreed to give it a try and during the entire trip, we listened to the same satellite station AND ENJOYED IT!!! Until this point, raising triplets was easier than finding music we both liked.

What was this great station that proved we can live together forever...... HAIR NATION!!

Hair Nation is a station that plays all 80's hair band music, Motley Crew, Poison, Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Kiss, Guns N Roses and many many more! I love 80's music and during the 80's, I had a heavy phase. Mike loves rock and metal music. It was perfect and we turned it on and never changed the station.

As we were approaching Tallahassee on this last leg of the trip, I started calling out the miles as the GPS was counting down .... 40 miles to destination, 30 miles, 20 miles, 15 miles, 10 miles, etc. As we exited I-10 just a few miles from our house, Motley Crew's Home Sweet Home came on the station. It was perfect timing! It played through and I hit repeat so we were pulling into the driveway singing "HOME SWEET HOME......"

This was a wonderful trip that created memories I will cherish forever. I hope these blog posts have served as a way to share with the boys our first family vacation and the first time (hopefully of many) that they were able to meet their family in Louisiana and Texas.
Now it's time to plan our next family adventure....

Take care,

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