Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 7 - More Visitors & Grandma is Sick

We woke up this morning with some really sad news. During the middle of the night, Grandma Peggy came down with a stomach bug. It had similar (the same) symptoms and progression as the stomach bug we had prior to our trip. While we were told that this bug was going around in their area, we really hope we did not bring this bug with us. This stomach bug hits very hard and Grandma was in bed for the day. We really missed being able to play with her and spend time with her while we had more visitors!

Throughout the day, we had several more family and friends stop by to meet the boys. It was a constant revolving door of people coming by to meet the boys. We felt so loved and a little like rock stars :-)

Here are some pictures from this day...

Aunt Reba holding Jared and Andrew....

Uncle Rick and Aunt Debbie stopped by to visit. Uncle Rick & Aunt Debbie have been WONDERFUL to us since the boys were born. Over the past year, we have received many care packages full of great things for the boys including a lot of great clothes. They must be psychic because the moment I realize that I actually need to buy some clothes for the boys, a package will show up with many new outfits. (This happened since have arrived home from the trip with a package full of 18 month clothes. We really thank you guys so very much!)

Wesley loved wearing Uncle Rick's hat. He was wearing it with pride!

We received a visit from the prior County Judge and his wife after church. This picture was actually take just moments before our "path of destruction" began. Wesley was very interested in the necklace she was wearing. He was reaching here but shortly after this photo, he succeeded in grabbing her necklace and ripping the charm right off of the chain. (Dear Wesley - if you are going to cause property damage, can you victimize someone other than the wife of a County Judge???? Of course they were very kind and were not upset.

Ms. Natalie with Wesley. Ms. Natalie was very sweet to all of the boys. She held Wesley for a while and was able to give him is afternoon bottle. I took this picture of Andrew trying to get Daddy's attention. Sometimes the feel like the boys are growing up so fast but it is pictures like this that make me realize they still have a lot of growing left to do....

Yes Jared.... I see you grabbing the blinds! That smile does not fool me!

Andrew was being quite dramatic at one point during the day. He was really trying to muster up some tears here but he just looked cute....

We are sorry about Grandma being sick but we enjoyed visiting with everyone. It's sad to know that today was our last full day in Junction. After tonight, we were back on the road for our trip home. Time to start packing again....
Take care,

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