Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 9 - On the Road AGAIN!

I doubt the boys are signing this with "I can't wait to get on the road again." At this point, this is their 5th full day in the car. The boys have been wonderful travelers and really handled life on the road very well. During this leg of the trip, from Houston to Houma, the boys were good but were a little fussy as we approached Houma. We tried singing and the sound of my voice, would calm them (shocking). We tried the Alphabet, Rock-a-bye Baby, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old Mac Donald and others. It did not seem to matter what I was singing as long as I was singing. Well, it worked and they were great until we arrived back in Houma.

Here are a couple pictures from this leg of the trip...

Jared became very comfortable at sleeping in the car seat. Here he is with his shoes kicked off, feet crossed and catching some zzzzzz's...

Wesley and Andrew were playing with each other. Due to the absence of toys, the boys were very creative during playtime. Andrew was playing with Wesley's foot when I grabbed the camera and little did I know I would catch them with Wesley's foot in Andrew's mouth. Ok... note... get toys for the next long trip :-)

All in all, the boys were wonderful during all the legs of the trip. When I say they were fussy, the were restless and it was only one at a time for a small part of the trip. They were great and it was a joy to listen to them "chat" with each other and play with each other.

After this day in the car, we only have one more day before we are home!

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