Saturday, March 28, 2009

Andrew is Walking!

We have our second walker! I believe that Andrew has been physically able to walk for a while but his cautious nature has prevented him for taking off unassisted. He has started taking a step or two and today he actually started taking more steps without holding on... still cautious but I was able to count up to 17 steps (or shuffles) in a row. Below is a little bit I was able to get on video when Daddy got home today.

I don't mean to spoil your viewing experience but watch how cautious Andrew is with his slow and very deliberate steps. You can see our little Dare Devil, Wesley, come running (literally running) into the shot... big show-off! Also, watch Andrew turn back to Daddy in one clip as if to say... "OMG, did you let go?" He is a funny kid; we predict he will be the clown and comedian of the bunch! So, without further adieu... Andrew is walking...

Jared is not too far behind and I am sure within a couple weeks, he will have his moment in the spot light showing off his walking skills!

Way to go Drew!!

Take care,

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