Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Pox Update

GREAT NEWS!!! Jared responded to my request yesterday and he has the POX! I received a text message from Daddy today that said "Jared has some blisters." I almost screamed in my office! I know it is terrible to get so excited to hear your child has chickenpox... send the Worst Mommy of the Year award to me now....however, we knew it was in there and now we will all be better by our First Birthday!

Andrew is doing well but has been taken over by the pox. Daddy took some pics of his sweet face. I posted a picture of his sweet face four days ago in the Andrew is Walking post. Below is a picture from today and you can see how fast his they took over...

Wesley is almost completely healed and his skin is returning to it's beautiful pre-pox state. I am therefore, not worried about Andrew. I actually joked that this gives us a little glimpse into what puberty has in store for our little guy!

Jared is a couple days behind Andrew. When he is at his peak, we will get some pics of him as well.

Take care,

**PS. For anyone that has been following since last April 1st, this is no joke! My boys really have chickenpox. And... how could I top last year's post??? Take care!

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  1. New to your blog - found you via Multiples & More blog! Your boys are precious! I can not wait to read your blog!

    If you are interested, I am hosting 2 giveaways at my blog - be sure to stop by!


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