Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jared's Night Out with Mom & Dad!

Tonight was a great night! Mike and I were spending a night away with Jared. This was going to be the first night that the boys have ever spent separated. Since birth, they have spent every night together. With Andrew and Wesley staying with Grandma Sally, we packed up Jared and headed off to Jacksonville for a special night with Baby J! Overall, it was an interesting and different experience to be out and about with only one of our boys.

Jared was able to sit in the middle seat with the seats to his left and right empty. This was not his first car ride without the other guys next to him but the other trips were short. This time, we were traveling 3 hours away from Tallahassee.

We checked into our hotel and it was interesting to be able to just put Jared down on the floor and let him explore. With the three guys, we would have had to spend energy baby proofing before we let them down to explore. It's too challenging to be reactive with three babies so you have to be proactive. With one, we were able to just follow him around and move around items as he discovered them.

One of his first discoveries was the other baby in the room!! He was so excited to see the other baby and he played with him for a long time....

After hanging out in the room for a little while, we headed out to dinner at Applebee's. We sat at a booth that was the booth closest to the entrance. I was worried that this would be a too high traffic area for us to be comfortable. With only one baby, I can only describe the experience by stating that I felt like we were invisible. People just walked by without even giving us a second look. It was nice but also a little bit of an adjustment. Since the boys were born, we have not been able to walk anywhere without drawing in all of the attention and this was such a different experience.

We had a good time! We ordered Jared's dinner off the children's menu, chicken nuggets and broccoli. He also ate a little off our plates. He was great during the meal and it was actually relaxing to be alone with him. There was a really cute moment where a pretty blond server walked by behind him and he followed her as she walked towards him and then spun his head to watch her walk away. He was also holding his sippy cut in his teeth as if to show off for her. Ahhh... it's going to be a wild ride with three little men...

When we arrived back at the hotel room, Jared decided to check out all of the amenities available to him. Here he is trying to contact room service....

Then he spent some time rolling around in the soft fancy pillows and checking out what movies were available on the TV....

He is such a party animal....

After getting jammied up, he continued to "party like a rock star." He tossed diapers all over the room and pulled the plastic tree to the floor.....

Those that party hard also fall out pretty hard as well. Since he was alone, we decided to let him stay up late. His typical bedtime is 7:30 and we let him stay up until after 8pm. At about 8:15, we realized that schedules are in place for a reason. A very fussy Jared was quickly put to bed and he was happy to rest his weary head....

Jared has been sleeping with a pillow since his last head cold. It was very nice to spend some time alone with one of the little guys. We look forward to spending some time alone with Andrew and Wesley. Grandma Sally stayed home with them and said they were just fine without Jared. Jared was also fine without his brothers. This is another lesson that they are three different and unique people... not one unit!

During the evening as Mike and I were relaxing with Jared playing around us, we asked each other if we could imagine life with a single baby and both of us agreed that that would be boring! We love our life with the three boys and do not want to imagine it any other way.

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  1. Oh Goodness! I just want to hug him! He is so adorable. What a great night the 3 of you had!

  2. I'm glad you had a good time experiencing what "normal" parents do! Your boys remind me so much of my own. I wish we lived closer so they could play!

  3. What a cool experience for everyone! I LOVE the picture of jared playing with the other 'baby' in the hotel room. Too cute!!! Jennifer

  4. This post was hilarious! Especially the part about finding another baby. We took Brody to the doctor today (without brothers) and it was amazing how "easy" it was.


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