Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The New Milk Chiller Arrived & The Boys Are in LOVE!

We have officially transitioned to Whole Milk! With the boys trying to drink us out of house and home, we either needed to buy a cow or a second refrigerator to handle the quantity of milk that we need to keep on hand. Since Mike and I could not agree on the seperation of duties for milking the cow, we opted for the second refrigerator. Our current fridge was moved to the garage and the new one took it's place in the kitchen. The new fridge arrived today and let's just say that they boys "love" it!!!

Mike was here to welcome the fridge and he sent me a few messages during the day to tell me how the boys were spending their day screaming at the fridge. I had some images in my head of this scene but the actual footage was even funnier!! Mike indicated that this exchange between the boys and the new fridge went on for over 15 minutes at a time and occurred a couple of times today. Here is a couple minutes of how the boys welcomed the fridge into our family....

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  1. Just love it.. Sounds like Dinosaurs on prowl.. Jared never moved he seriously want to get in there. and The other too just howling for the milk is so priceless. LOVE IT...So smart.

  2. That video is hilarious! Watch out for the bottom freezer though. My guys have almost figured out how to open it!

  3. The arrival of the new refrigerator is a RIOT. I had a good laugh.


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