Wednesday, April 15, 2009

12 Month Pictures

We took the boys for their 12 month pictures with Ms. Dina. It was a very entertaining event trying to get three mobile 1 year olds to stand still for a photo. Wesley was not having it so he earned the ability to sit atop the rocking horse in the group photo. Andrew, as always, was very cautious and slow to warm to the situation which resulted in his straight face in all of the photos. However, we were able to catch one photo with two of three smiling... not too bad.

The individual photos were a challenge. The second Wesley's feet would hit the ground, he was on the move. So the one photo we were able to catch was the moment before he started running. He thought this game was very fun so he was laughing. Jared is still not full-on walking so he was easy to photograph. Andrew was the last to take his individual photos and he was not really having it so we did not get a good pic. The picture we chose for Andrew was actually from a group pose. He was not holding onto the group so they were able to splice him out and add the column to his photo and viola..... his picture looks like the rest of the group.

We decided to take their one year pictures before getting their first haircuts. After seeing these pictures, I am kicking myself because Jared and Wesley's hair was just out of control!! If you would like to see the pictures, you can see them at the link below until May 24th. Enjoy...

Click here to see the boys 12 month portraits.

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