Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let Them Eat CAKE!!!

Here it is.... the moment we have been waiting for... the FIRST birthday cake!!! The cake may not be your traditional first birthday cake but the cake has a significant amount of symbolism for us that provided a very special touch to our first birthday. The boys, have been endearingly referred to as the "Three Little Eskimos" ever since they were thawed from their frozen state as embryos. The "Three Little Eskimos" theme provided the inspiration for our birthday cake. The cake includes an igloo and then the "Three Little Eskimos." The sign on the cake says "Team Darnell Base Camp Est. 2008." The Eskimos on the cake represent the boys with blond curls for Wesley, brown curls for Jared and straight blond hair for Andrew. The boys are joined at the base camp by their partner Murray, our boxer. Chewie is hiding from the boys in the igloo (just like at home) and can not be seen on the cake. The boys are also holding their Ralph Lauren blankets that they have slept with every night since they were born (thank you Uncle Tracy). Also, if you look closely at the Eskimos... they have chickenpox which definitely reflects how we ended our very first year.

The story and symbolism does not end there.... The smash cakes are not the traditional round cakes. The cakes are triangles with fondant candles. Our family tradition defines that the birthday boy/girl gets to eat all 4 corners of the cake (the source of the most icing of course). Well, the challenge was how to solve the 3 babies - 4 corners issue..... TRIANGLE of course! As such, we decided to have triangle smash cakes for the boys. We loved our cakes and EVERYTHING on them was editable from Murray to the Eskimos to the candles to the sign... everything!

The cake was designed and made by Sandy at Mama Yumm in Brandon. We sent her the story of our family and she offered up the design. Thank you Sandy!!

Enough of the story... pictures of the cakes....

The calm before the storm....
We give the boys their cakes and they are not quite sure what to do....

The boys slowly start to explore the cakes.....

Wesley was the first to realize the excitement of CAKE!!!

Wesley was thrilled with the cake! He ate a few handfuls of the cake and then mysteriously.... the entire thing was gone... Did he eat it? Nope, in an effort to sweep it closer, he swept it onto the floor. Oh well... easy come, easy go!
Jared, oh sweet Baby J... Jared is a very laid back, calm, cool and collected kid. In his very laid back (sometimes called lazy) style, he opted to bring his face to the cake instead of taking the effort to lift the cake to his mouth. This is how he took his first several bites of the cake....
Don't worry, he eventually learned this was not a very effective method and he started shoveling fists full into his mouth... And then we have Andrew... Andrew is by far the most cautious of the trio. For most everything, he allows the others to explore something first, try something first and once he sees it's ok, he will take a turn. He is also very precise in his actions. If we stack blocks, Wesley will knock the structure over, Jared will grab the block closest to him which is usually on the bottom and Andrew will reach to the top of the structure and slowly remove the one on the top of the stack. His approach to eating cake was no different. I had to give him a few tastes of the icing before he realized this was a safe activity. Then, he proceeded to take very small bites of cake... no more than what he could hold in his pincher's. His face during the entire experience had the look of caution as if he was concerned with making a mess.... too funny!
This picture was taken after several minutes of eating cake.... Andrew's is still intact...
The boys were funny in their varied approaches to eating their cakes. These approaches reflected their personalities to a T! At the end of the event, Wesley's cake was on the floor, Jared ate almost all of his cake and Andrew's cake looked like he was saving some for later...

The moment of watching my baby dig into their first birthday cake is a moment I have dreamed of for years. The moment was everything I have dreamed of x3! We were surrounded by family and the boys appeared to have had a great time. I will cherish this moment forever!

I can't believe that this time next year, we will be welcoming in the terrible twos.... oh my!

Until then, I will continue to enjoy each and everyday that I share with these fine toddlers. Andrew, Jared and Wesley, Mommy and Daddy wish you a very Happy Birthday and know that we love each of you so very, very, very much!

Happy Birthday Boys!

Take care,


  1. What an adorable cake! Looks like everyone had a great birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Team Darnell! LOVE the cake and smash cakes.

    P.S. Ben wore the same shirt for his birthday party.

  3. Those pictures are darling and the cake is amazing! Don't worry- the "terrible" twos are pretty terrific!

  4. Happy Birthday boys...its so fun to have such close birthdays!! Kellie they are darling!!


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