Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Last Can!

For the past year, each night has concluded with the activity of making formula for the next day. Over the past few weeks, we have been slowing making the transition to whole milk. Two nights ago, I pulled this last lone can of formula out of the cabinet. There it sat.... all alone in a cabinet that use to have both shelves stacked full of cans. There is sat... the last symbol that linked us to "infanthood." Tonight, I scooped the last bit of formula out of this can and made the last pitcher of formula.

While I am happy that we will not have to wash the pitcher every night and spent time making formula, it is a little hard to accept the fact that the boys are growing up way too fast. The boys have handled the transition from bottles to sippy cups and from formula to milk very well. I thought that these transitions caused them to drink less and less but not these boys... they love their milk! They are drinking close to a gallon a day... ugh!

These cans have quickly been replaced by gallons of milk. In order to accommodate the milk and all the food they are eating, we have now ordered our second fridge. It should arrive in a couple of days. If we require two refrigerators at the age of 1, how many will we have when they are 16...... gulp....

Let's just take things one day at a time.... good bye formula... we will miss what you symbolize but we won't miss making you every night.

Take care,


  1. A GALLON a day!!!! Holy crap!! That is amazing

  2. Kristina - don't worry, I said "close to" a gallon. I don't know exactly how much milk (only) they will drink until we give up the Formula mixer. I know that one day we used a full half gallon while we were filling the cups half/half so the "close to" a gallon is an estimate. I do know they each drink at least 3 full sippy cups a day of milk so it is at least a solid 24oz a day for each of them. These boys love their milk and even fight to take away someone else's cup if they finish their alloted amount.... good times!

    How much are your girls drinking?

  3. That seriously is awesome!! I can only get about 9-12 oz. of milk in the girls! Your little guys are so cute...I love your blog!!


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