Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Birthday..... Presents!

The first birthday and the first round of birthday presents! The boys were definitely spoiled and we were overwhelmed by the gifts and birthday wishes from friends and family. The upstairs loft at Grandma and Grandpa's house quickly turned into the floor of a toys store as the boys opened up their gifts. They received beach/pool supplies, little builders set, clothes, a cool bear in a driving log, a set of giggling stuffed animals, blocks, a ball poppin' train, blocks, a driving toy, money, gift cards and some very nice birthday wishes (especially the great card from our wonderful Aunts and Cousins in Houma)!

We have also previously received books from Debbie & Chuck, clothes from Aunt Debbie & Uncle Rick and we thank everyone that has sent us something for our birthday. The boys have been so wonderful over the past year, the really deserved to be spoiled on their first birthday.

While we were not able to wrap the boys big gift, we told them all about it. Over the past few months, we have been selling the boys clothes, gear and anything we are no longer using. The items have been selling really well on our Memorabilia blog. All of the money raised from the sale of these items is being used to purchase a swing set for the boys. As of their birthday, we raised $956.17!! We chipped in the remainder of the funds and the boys are getting their swing set. Here is a picture of the swing set.... The swing set has room for all three to swing at the same time, a slide, a sand box, a rock wall, a picnic table and two great forts! I look forward to this structure actually arriving and then the big challenge... getting it constructed in the backyard. I hope to see this all actually complete by the time they are 2 (ha, ha).

With Wesley and Andrew walking all over the place, the house at home is getting smaller and smaller everyday. It will be nice to see the boys run around in the backyard and have the swing set available for us to have some great summer time fun!

The boys enjoyed opening up all of their gifts but were getting very tired from all of the excitement of the day so far. It was to eat lunch and then head off for our nap. Yes, one nap! The boys have successfully transitioned to a one nap schedule over the past month. We all really enjoy the one nap schedule as it gives us time to get out in the morning or afternoon and a full 2.5-3 hours of napping (ie. break for Mommy & Daddy). Our big bad one year olds have also transitioned completely off bottles, eating only table food and we are phasing out the formula and phasing in the whole milk!

The boys are very good eaters and currently like almost anything we offer them.... including cottage cheese, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, squash and yogurt.

The boys have had lunch and now it's time for nap and then...... CAKE!!!

Take care,

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