Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jared's first steps, Andrew blows kisses.... take THAT chickenpox!

I love the fighting spirit in my little guys!! Our chickenpox cases have progressively gotten worse as the guys have contracted them. With this, Wesley had what appears to be our most mild case, Andrew's is a little worse and Jared has the worst case of the three. Jared continues to run a low grade fever during his fight and boy oh boy does he have some pox! This picture was taken yesterday morning and really does not show all of his pox. There are many, I am unable to show on the internet...

The good news is that this morning, neither Andrew or Jared appear to have any new pox. With that, we may be DONE welcoming any new chickenpox into this family... forever! Andrew's pox are starting to dry up and scab which is a good sign that the end is near. Andrew has been a little fussy during the night for the past two nights. He wakes a couple times and you can tell he is just uncomfortable. I only have to pick him up for a couple seconds and he settles back down and returns to sleep.

Even though we have the pox, we are not letting this kill our spirit! Last night, Jared started taking a few steps on his own.... so take THAT chickenpox! You have tried to hold us back but you have underestimated the Darnell Determination!! I don't have any video yet but I will try to get some in the next few days.

The boys have been giving kisses and it is the sweetest thing!! Jared comes in slowly with a wide open mouth and plants a wet one right on your mouth. Andrew is a little more deliberate and sometimes he tosses out his tongue... where did he learn that?? Wesley's kiss is mostly focused on the sound of kissing. This morning, Andrew progressed to the next level of blowing kisses! I was not able to grab the actual camera but my phone was close enough to take a little video. Enjoy some kisses blown your way from Andrew....

Dear Chickenpox,

Please start packing your bags!! I am sorry to say we have NOT enjoyed your stay with us over the past few weeks and you are NOT welcome to return to our family. We all now have the antibodies to keep you away and that is what we plan to do. We have proven we are stronger than you and you have not succeeded in weakening our strength and determination!! When you watch Andrew's blowing kisses video, please know he is kissing you GOOD BYE!

So, take THAT chickenpox!

Take care,


  1. Love your letter to the chickenpox!

  2. I just have to say that it is an absolute joy to read your blog and the updates about the boys and your life in general. I have enjoyed reading it very much. I followed you on WTE for a long time as well.

    Thank you for so much enjoyment!


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