Monday, April 13, 2009

Forward Facing

The big bad 1 year olds are finally old enough to see where they are going. Prior to today, the boys have always been watching where they have been and today is the first time they are facing forward. Mike flipped their seats around last night in preparation for our trip home. The picture above is the picture taken before pulling out of the driveway. The picture below was taken less than 5 minutes after we pulled out of the driveway. They had a busy weekend....
The boys woke up after a couple hours and were ready for their snack. Before now, we could just hand them a bottle and they were good to know. I decided to be creative and I put their bibs on them and filled the pocket full of goldfish. The boys ate their goldfish and did not make as big of a mess as I expected. Wesley was fussy on the ride home and our theory is that he was staring directly at me and then whining as if to say.... "I see you right there, let me out of this seat!"

It was nice to be able to turn around and see their faces. And... it was nice to be able to recline my seat a little. With the car seats turned around, we had to sit the front seats straight up.

It's so hard to believe the boys are already 1 and facing forward like big boys. They are growing up so fast!! Before we know it, they will be fighting over who is sitting in the middle seat..... ugh!

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