Monday, April 13, 2009

Team Darnell Pictures

Over the past week, we had the joy of spending time with Breana. It was so much fun to have her here and we look forward to her next visit. The boys loved having someone additional to play with and she was a great help by jumping in to help take care of them and just enjoy them. I enjoyed spending time bonding while getting pedicures :-)

Before she headed off to the airport to depart, we sat down to take some family pictures.

Daddy and 4 of the 6 recruits... We dream of one day corralling all 6 Darnells together at one time!!!
Breana with the boys... Daddy and first born...
I decided to jump into the action and take a pic with the boys. This is actually my first picture holding all three of the boys. I figured that I needed to take it now because pretty soon, they will not fit into my lap at the same time. When I see this picture, I think "yes, my hands are full and I LOVE it!!"
Mandy and Veronica, we missed you over the holiday and hope you had a great time hunting Easter eggs and enjoying some Easter chocolate. I hope that very soon we can get all three Darnell girls and all three Darnell boys together!

Take care,

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