Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1 Year Check-up

We have given up trying to contain the boys on the exam table while waiting for the doctor. We have turned the table over to them and prior to Dr. Bunnell's arrival, the boys completed their exam of the table. We brought a few balls to bounce around on the hard floor but the table exploration was enough to keep the guys entertained.

The boys were given a clean bill of health. The only issue remains the hidden testicle but we are scheduled for surgery on April 30th. Since we experienced the chickenpox, we thought we would be clear and would not need the vaccine. However, the doctor feels it is best if we give them a booster around the age of 3. This vaccine will help fight off shingles later in life.

The boys are doing very well developmentally. We are already achieving everything we were provided to watch for between 12-15 months. At their 9 month visit, I was given a form to fill out for each of them for an evaluation of their verbal skills. Well, I never filled out the form. So, at this visit, we were all punished and we had to hang out in the room while I filled out the three sets of forms. I promise that I will always get my homework done in the future so we do not have to experience "detention" as a family again. I have learned my lesson!

The boys were weighed and measured. Their height and weight has leveled off on the rise up the growth charts. The boys are all still tall but Andrew has taken over the "big boy" award. Wesley remains the peanut as far as weight but is still the tallest of the bunch. Here are the results:

Andrew -
Height - 30.5" - 75th Percentile
Weight - 23 lbs 11oz- 65th Percentile
Head Circumference - 45.6 cm - 30th Percentile

Jared -
Height - 30.5" - 75th Percentile
Weight - 22lb 10oz - 50th Percentile
Head Circumference - 47.9 cm - 85th Percentile

Wesley -
Height - 31" - 85th Percentile
Weight - 21lb 13oz - 30th Percentile
Head Circumference - 46.2 cm - 45th Percentile

The boys took their shots like little champs. They were fussy during the shot and then recovered quickly. There was no sympathy crying as has occurred in the past. Over the past few months we have battled a wicked stomach bug, head colds and chickenpox. However, the boys are still very healthy and I continue to be thankful for the health of the boys which is not always the case with triplets.

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