Monday, June 15, 2009

Aunt Kit & Uncle David

During this weekend, the boys were able to meet Aunt Kit and Uncle David for the first time.

Aunt Kit lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband Uncle Mark and their two children cousins Rhett and Trent. Aunt Kit is a neat lady, wears lots of cool jewelry and hides some pretty interesting pieces of clothing in her jeans (While talking with everyone, she thought she was pulling a sock out of her pant leg and let's just say it was not a sock - ha, ha). Andrew was very interested in her many necklaces.....
I wanted to get a picture of Aunt Kit with all of the boys so I asked her to climb into the play yard with the boys. The boys had been playing well in the play yard and then when they saw her getting close, they must have thought she was going to take one of them out. When we climbed in, all three of them started to cry. They settled down but were uncooperative to gather around Aunt Kit for a picture. This is the best picture I was able to get and I am not sure who wanted out of the play yard in this pic more, the boys or Aunt Kit?? She is looking out at Uncle Lance as if to say... get me out of here!!
Uncle David stayed at Grandma's house and was able to spend a few days with the boys. Uncle David lives in Blacksburg, Virginia with his wife Aunt Teresa and their children cousins Matt and Alec. As he spent several days with the boys, he was able to join them for some morning play time. In this picture, you can see him stealing Jared's nose....
Uncle David and Wesley spending some quality time during morning milk....

It was really nice to spend time with Aunt Kit, Uncle David, Aunt Laurie, Uncle Brian, Aunt Pam and Uncle Lance. This is the only time that the 7 of us have all been together. I am so very happy that the boys have been able to meet everyone; I just wish it was under happier circumstances.

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  1. Sadly some of the best family reunions come from a loved ones death. I love the new pic of the boys in their Flag shirts and shorts.

    Thanking about you and boys Kellie.



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