Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our New Pool & "The Mall"

We purchased the boys a kiddie pool while we were at Grandma's. On Friday, we set up the pool for the first time and Andrew and Wesley enjoyed a little pool time after their afternoon snack. Where is Jared you ask? Well, he was whisked off to the mall to spend some one on one time with Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim.

We set up the pool in Grandma's front yard so we placed the play yard around the pool to contain the boys. Wesley and Andrew both enjoyed their time in the pool....
On Saturday, we set the pool up again for some more fun in the sun. This time, Andrew and Jared were enjoying pool time while Wesley was out shopping at the mall with Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim. It was noticeably calmer during pool time without our Wild Wesley in the pool but the boys were still able to have fun....
On Monday evening, we set up the pool for a third time and this time all three boys were swimming together. The boys mostly would walk around the pool and splash....

For the astute reader, you may have noticed that Andrew partook in pool time during all three swimming adventures. Jared and Wesley each missed a pool day to spend some alone time with Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim. During these outings, the boys rode on a carousel, rode in a single stroller, ate at Chic-fil-a, got a special gift and most importantly got to experience life as a singleton if only for a few hours. Andrew, sadly did not get his chance to go out alone with Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim. It is hard to see the boys learn so early in life that it is a cruel cruel world and everything is not always fair.

Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim promise that they will take him out alone "next time." I hope he can hold on until his turn comes around :-) Hang in their Andrew, your time will come!!!

Take care,

(Note - I actually encouraged Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim to take the boys out on individual outings so I am partly to blame for this injustice.)


  1. Look at those round little budda bellies. Such cuties I tell ya! Glad that Wesley and Jarred got some alone time with their Aunt and Uncle.

  2. Hey Kellie!
    It's great to see the boys having so much fun...
    I bet they kept everyone entertained!


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