Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's TIME...

It's time for what?

It's time for TIME OUT!! As we have embarked on our journey of discipline, we have finally carved out our first official 'time out' spot. We previously used the Pack N Play as our changing table and storage area in the living room. Since the boys have passed the safe weight for this table (we are 25, 26 & 27 pounderes) we transitioned the Pack N Play into our Time Out spot.

Who was the first to enjoy some time in Time Out??? That one is easy....

I have a feeling, I should engrave Wesley's name on this spot because I just believe he is probably going to be our frequent flyer.

What was his offense? Trying to climb on the glass end table. I was in the kitchen getting lunch ready and he was on the couch. When he saw I was in the kitchen, he crawled over to the table, looked right at me and smacked his hand on the table. The look on his face was "what are you going to do.. huh?" I told him no from the kitchen, he did not budge... again with the look of, "you don't scare me lady." I walked over to him and he quickly moved away from the table. I put him on the floor and said, "no, we do not touch the table." As soon as I walked away, he climbed back on the couch, crawled to the table, looked at me and smacked the table; leaving his hand on it until I returned. At this point, I needed to fix lunch so I told him about time out and placed him in the Pack N Play.

I could see the little wheels spinning in his brain wondering what was this. I was at least able to finish lunch without worrying about his climbing onto the table. I had to put him in there a couple more times and it seems to work in distracting him (I say him because he has been the only one so far) away from what he was previously doing.

Disciplining is a work in progress and will continue as such until the boys are learning to discipline their own kids, I am sure. My challenge is going to be remaining consistent with them because their personalities are so very different. Jared is so tenderhearted that a firm NO or strong JARED TRAVIS is enough to make him freeze, stop the behavior and even fall into sobbing mess. Wesley seems to learn what he is not supposed to do but will continue to challenge authority (I don't know where he gets that?) so consistency, with some strategic ignoring, is key for him. I am still working on understanding Andrew. He will continue the undesirable behavior after redirecting, over and over and over and over again. He will even start to cry while doing what he is not supposed to do. He just does not seem to connect the behavior to the consequence.

I am not fooling myself into believing that I understand the boys and have it all figured out. I am learning everyday and I am trying to stay one step ahead. This is very important when you are out numbered. This is not very fun but definitely necessary!!! I hope that the time out zone will work for us and if it doesn't, I hope I can crawl in there and get a time out....

Take care,

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