Saturday, June 20, 2009

Boys will be boys...

Daddy is so very smart but the boys are getting smarter. When we purchased the toy box, Daddy was able to think like a little boy and realized that he needed to drill holes in the bottom of the box. In the event that one of the boys became trapped in the box, they would still be able to breathe. Well today, Andrew took advantage of those holes to continue to breath when trapped in the box by Wesley. If you notice, Wesley is also covering one of the holes with his knee, Jared is covering one of the holes and then Wesley is sticking his finger in another hole. It is like they are intentionally trying to cut off Andrew's air supply....

I can not believe my boys are that malicious but then again one of their 'responsible' parents took time to grab the camera and take this photo before rescuing Andrew. I don't know where these boys get their mean streaks! Don't worry, I am confident that Andrew will get his revenge. Boys will be boys... and it is survival of the fittest in this house!

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