Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend at Grandma's House

This weekend, the boys and I packed up and headed down to Brandon to spend the weekend with Grandma. I remember when the thought of traveling with the boys caused significant anxiety. Now, it is relatively easy to get on the road with them. We arrived on Friday and had a nice dinner with Grandma, Aunt Pam and Zach. Zach was also spending the weekend with Grandma but we did not see much of him. He seems to have turned into a teenager and was sleeping most of the day away while we were there.

Andrew was particularly excited to get back to Grandma's house because he knew that he was 'first up' to have his special alone time with Aunt Kim and Uncle Lance. Andrew could not wait to give them a call to let them know he was dressed and ready for his day out. He was so very excited to call them.....
Sadly, Aunt Kim and Uncle Lance were unable to make it over this weekend. Andrew is going to have to wait some more time before he has his special day. He was a sad but happy to hang out with Grandma....
We finally wore Grandma down and we spent the weekend helping her move everything that we tried to break. The boys were able to play downstairs and it was relaxing to watch them roam. We even put the baby gate part of the way up the stairs to block them. The boys have been continuing to master climbing up Grandma's stairs. On this trip, the boys even mastered scooting back down the stairs.

Here is Wesley finishing his sippy cup while playing with the blocks on the fireplace. These blocks are ... let's just say old. Uncle Lance and I played with these blocks when we were babies.
Here is Jared carefully going through Grandma's bag of toys. This bag of toys is filled with a lot of little McDonald's happy meal toys and other random items. Jared absolutely loved this bag of fun. Jared has turned into our quiet thinker. He seems to really enjoy figuring out how something works. In this bag of toys, he found an empty Q-tip container that he found most magical. He spent over 30 minutes opening and closing this container. It is so interesting to watch him 'thinking.' He is turning into our little engineer...

We had a nice weekend at Grandma's but it was over way too fast. We headed home on Sunday. The trip home turned out to be longer than expected. For some reason, I was very tired. I don't like to drive tired, especially with precious cargo, so I pulled over at a rest stop to close my eyes for about 10 minutes. The boys were wonderful and they were quiet during Mommy's nap.

Before I really got back on the road, I pulled over to get myself something to drink and the boys deserved a little treat. I ordered them each a bag of McDonald land cookies (I so did not realize they still made these.) We wanted to expedite our journey home so I opened the three bags and handed them over to my traveling companions. It was interesting to watch them figure out how to get to the cookies. Jared was able to eat out of the bag, Wes ate out of the bag until he became frustrated and dumped them out and Andrew just dumped the cookies onto his lap without hesitation....
We had a great weekend with Grandma! We will be back very soon!

Take care,

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