Monday, June 22, 2009

Wes scares Mommy!

Yesterday afternoon, the boys were playing as usual. They were running around having a grand ole' time. I was sitting on the couch and I saw that Wesley fell in the kitchen. He started to cry just like he does with a typical fall. When the boys fall, I say "come here" and they will come to me, get a hug and then head back into the mix.

Once I saw him fall, I said "come here." I could hear him coming and then I saw him appear around the love seat. There was blood pouring, SERIOUSLY POURING, out of his face. I rushed over to him and went flying to the sink. His nose was bleeding, his top lip was busted and his bottom lip was busted! He must have hit the floor very hard.

It took a while to stop the bleeding. He stopped crying and wanted to get down before the bleeding stopped. Once I was able to get all of the bleeding to stop, I looked down and both of us were covered in blood. There was even a trail of blood on the floor from where he walked from the kitchen to the family room.

He was such a trooper. I actually had to hold him to keep him still while I held a cold pack to his mouth and then changed his clothes. He was ready to play. I know that this picture does not reflect the severity of the story but check out his fat lip....

The site of his face covered in blood is something I do not want to see again any time soon. Wes is our dare devil so I knew that he would be the cause of my heart skipping a few beats over time. However, I did not expect this type of injury to come from tripping over his own feet.

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