Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Funky Dancing Frog

I would like to introduce our Funky Dancin' Frog! This frog is a 'gift' I received at a company holiday party. This was the result of one of those gift exchanges where you bring something worth $10 and you will get a gift in return. I brought a picture frame and went home as the lucky recipient of this funky dancing frog.

We introduced the frog to the boys on a couple other occasions. The first time we brought him out, the boys were about 9 months old and they just started to cry when he started to move. On the second attempt, they were about 12 months old and while they were hesitant, they were not scared. We put him back away and we brought him back out last month. This time, they were no longer scared and the boys (particularly Andrew) are now in love with the funky dancing frog.

I have an image into the future when I hear this song on some "Classic Oldies" station and I turn it up to jam and the boys are not only embarrassed at their mother "jamming" but clueless as to who Usher is. I will be sure to tell them how they loved to boogie to this song.

Here is a little video of Andrew and Jared showing you they can dance.....

I use to be a huge fan of this song... "Yeah, Yeah!" but after hearing it about 50 times a day... NO MORE USHER!!! The boys will bring the frog to you, we will turn it on, they will grab it, run and dance. When the song ends... repeat and then repeat and then repeat. I think you get the picture.

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  1. Your blog is why I had to get a video camera - this is too cute!


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