Tuesday, July 21, 2009

15 Month Check-up & Binkie Free!!!

We had our 15 month check-up today and the boys were perfect little angels. In the picture above, they are reading their books and waiting patiently for their names to be called. Poor Jared, his book doesn't even have pages!

The boys are all very healthy. The only trouble for us right now is Andrew's persistent diaper rash and his overall sensitive skin. We were given two different prescriptions for him. Other than this, we received a clean bill of health. The boys are still developmentally on target and are continuing to grow very well.

Our updated stats are:
Height - 32.5" - 85th Percentile
Weight - 26 lbs 4oz- 74th Percentile
Head Circumference - 46 cm - 20th Percentile

Height - 33" - 92nd Percentile
Weight - 24lb 14oz - 55th Percentile
Head Circumference - 48.8 cm - 90th Percentile

Height - 32.5"- 85th Percentile
Weight - 23lb 12oz - 35th Percentile
Head Circumference - 47 cm - 45th Percentile

So, our heights continue to climb up the growth chart for percentiles. Also, the boys may have been born a month early but these percentiles are based on their actual ages not adjusted.

The boys got two shots each and were super stars. They only cried during the shot and were all easily comforted. Our next appointment is at 18 months.

Andrew has been the only one that continued to use a binkie (pacifier). Jared and Wes stopped using around 8 weeks but Andrew continued to use one at nap, bedtime and some rare outings when he would get fussy. We have been only giving him his binkie once he is in his crib. Over the past week, we noticed that he was not asking for it but we were just giving it out of habit. On the way home from the pediatrician, we decided to put him down for nap without his binkie. I returned to work and Daddy was home with him for nap. I was so excited to hear that he went to sleep with no problem!!! We put him to bed that night without his binkie and he also went to sleep without any problem. As such, we are 100% binkie free!!

I was starting to worry about how we would transition him off of it and to my wonderful surprise, he did it himself. We are so very proud of him!!!

It is sad to see that symbol of 'babyhood' leave us because this means we are growing up and not looking back. However, I am so proud to clear the house, car and diaper bag of binkies. It is amazing how those things seem to multiply and you find them everywhere.

Wow, the boys are 15 months old and rapidly moving on to be a year and a half old. Uh oh, I guess that means 2 is right around the corner, woo hoo! It feels like I am going to blink and the boys will be 6'5" teenagers and I will be literally 'working for food.'

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