Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Bedtime!

The core of our evening bedtime routine with the boys has been the same since the boys were about 5 weeks old. Sticking to this routine has truly paid off for us... so far! The boys have been wonderful sleepers and typically like to go to bed. The core of the routine is change diapers, rub down with lotion, jammies, milk and then bed. As the boys have gotten older, the routine has continued to evolve with their transitions from bottles to sippy cups, formula to milk and being carried to bed to now running to bed.

After we get the boys 'jammied up' we pass out their sippy cups and the boys are very close to being able to get them out of the fridge themselves. Once they are dressed, they all start signing milk very feverishly. Wes runs to the fridge and starts banging and tugging on the door. He knows where his milk is housed and he let's you know he is ready for milk.

The boys get to drink their milk for about 20 minutes and then we place them in the table and pass out toothbrushes. The boys brush their teeth for a few minutes and then "It's Bedtime." I take the boys out of the table one at a time and start saying "It's Bedtime." The boys know that when they hear "It's Bedtime," they run down the hallway to their room. The picture above is the boys eagerly awaiting entrance to their room. I have said this about many things but I am going to say it again.... I know this may not last forever but while it lasts, I love it!

Here is a little video of the boys running off to go to bed....

Note: Please ignore the scattered toys. I know I previously posted about picking them up while the boys were awake and I said I was TRYING to do this, it does not always happen. Ok, now enjoy the video...

I love Wes' little jig in front of the door. What is not included in the video is that once I join the boys at the end of the hall, all four of us do a little "It's Bedtime" jig and I typically do a drum roll on the door before we enter. The boys then burst into the room like wild men. They run straight to the bookcase and grab their book. Once they grab a book, I pick each one up and put him in his crib. I then read a story to them while they turn the pages of their own book. Once done, I collect books, pass out kisses, rub backs (if they are laying down) and walk out of the door. I started giving little back rubs if someone is laying down and Jared caught on QUICK!! When I walk to his crib, he literally drops onto his tummy in preparation for his back rub. Wes is also catching on now. Once I am out of the room, they will play for a few more minutes and then there is silence!

I love my little sleepers!

Take care,


  1. Love the bedtime run!!!! So adorable!

  2. Kellie that is so adorable. AS watch this and my older two came running in and they started to laugh. Then they ask me momma why did you not have three boys when Rylan came? I asked them I just had one because God wanted me to have on. Matthew then goes it would be cool to have three brothers like that.. LOL Way to go mom.. My kids love laughing with your boys. MEL


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