Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Relaxing Sunday!

Since the boys started walking and even prior to that, they boys have been in continuous motion unless strapped into some seat or sleeping in their cribs. The boys would play, walk, run and climb continuously from the second they got up until the second they were put down for nap and in the afternoon it was the same.

Recently, I have noticed that their play and movement has been becoming increasingly more purposeful and the number of moments where they are sitting still is starting to increase. Their ability to play with a toy or keep their attention on an activity is clearly increasing. In addition, Sunday seems to be the day for relaxing. They have been 'sleeping in' on Sundays and then spending some time just lounging around. Seriously, the boys have been known to sleep until about 9am on a Sunday morning (that's approx 13.5 hours of sleep). I love it!!

I fully believe that this relaxed atmosphere is a direct reflection of Saturday and Sunday being our major days outside. So when we are inside, we are ready to crash.

Here are some of the pics from the boys "veggin' out" on the couch today....
This laying on the couch went on for about 15 minutes. While the boys kept changing positions, they were still laying down or "pretending" to lay down. Jared and Andrew (on the ottoman) were also spooning and giggling during the entire thing... ah, brotherly love....
Jared rubbing Andrew's hair and tossing his leg over him... serious spooning..
Ok, maybe Jared is taking this a little too far but Andrew does not seem to mind...
All three guys laying on the couch....
Andrew takes over as the spooner and Jared as the spoonee.....
On this day, Wesley started this break by climbing up on the couch and laying down. Andrew and Jared saw him laying down and climbed up there to copy him. This is pretty typical of how things are going these days... Wesley leads and the others follow.

I don't care how it happens, I just appreciate any moments of calm in our busy busy days.
Take care,

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