Friday, July 17, 2009


We purchased some TaDoodles for the boys so they can start expressing their creativity. A TaDoodle is a round holder for crayons that the boys can hold with their full hand.

Daddy created some templates for the boys to use that had their names on the paper. It was fun to watch them draw but the seemed more excited about eating the crayons and tearing up the paper that was taped to the table.

Here are some pics of the boys and their art work....

When Grandma was visiting last weekend, she gave the boys their first drawing experience and pictures of their art work is below. Per Grandma, Jared took right to it and you can see his sweeping motion back and forth across the paper. Wes and Andrew needed a little more help to put crayon to paper. I think their art is just beautiful and we have it proudly displayed on the fridge.

Andrew's art created with Grandma... It's a city skyline! This is definitely a sign of someone very special...
Jared's art created with Grandma....It's a rainbow over a meadow! This is a sign of pure genius....
Wesley's art created with Grandma... It's a horse! This is a sign of a child with a true gift...

I can't believe how clear these pictures are for 15 month olds! It is going to be a challenge to keep these gifted children humble and grounded.

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