Monday, July 13, 2009

Grandma's Working Weekend!

Grandma might not live right around the corner but she is always there for us when we need an extended sitter. I had a work presentation that involved me working in the office on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. When we told Grandma about this, she agreed to be there and spend some quality alone time with the boys. So Grandma took on the care of the terrific (or terrible) trio for four days! During the weekend Grandma took the boys outside to play, helped them color for the very first time and helped us teach them that it really is not ok to climb (or stand) on top of the glass end tables. Maybe if they hear the "don't stand on the end tables" message from a third adult, they will finally listen!

I do not have many pictures from the weekend since I was at the office while the boys were having fun with Grandma. On Sunday, I was able to spend a portion of the morning home with everyone and was able to catch the full crew taking a little relaxing break while rocking on the love seat. I find it interesting but there seems to be a pattern that on Sunday, the boys are actually more relaxed and even sleep longer. I don't know the reason but I like it!!! I am not sure who needed the relaxing time more at this point, Grandma or the boys.

Here is a little video of the foursome relaxing...

When we purchased the rocking love seat, I envisioned rocking three newborns but it is getting much more use with rocking toddlers. They even climb up their on their own and try to rock it back and forth.

Grandma, we thank you again for coming all the way up to Tallahassee to spend time with us. We hope that you will return in the very near future for a relaxing weekend and not just for a baby sitting weekend!

Take care,

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