Monday, July 20, 2009

Turn Your Back for a Second and....


We have 95% baby proofed the full area where the boys roam and play. We have intentionally left very few things that are "no, don't touch items." We (mostly me) want to leave a few items so the boys start to learn that there are some things they are not allowed to do and they start to learn some behaviors have consequences. The glass end tables are the main "no, don't touch" item. We correct the boys once they touch the tables. We have been (slowly) making a break through or so we thought.

We started applauding and really cheering when they would start to touch the table and then sit back down on the couch. They caught onto this and they have started cheering for each other. There have been some back firing to this approach because the boys have connected touching the table then sitting with the cheering. So, they touch the table and then sit and cheer. Our next step will be to eliminate the table touching.

Well, just when you think you are making headway... you find the above scene! This took place on bath night. When bathing the boys alone, we bathe them in the tub and then diaper them one at a time and send them out of the bathroom. Once all three are out, I spend about 10 seconds taking down the shower curtain and drying the floor. On this evening, I walked out to find all three of them perched on the end table...... big sigh!

While I was not happy about this, they were too cute to not grab the camera, snap a pic and then express my displeasure with this behavior. Andrew is also battling a never ending diaper rash so he gets to air dry so yes, he is in da buff!

Ah, good times

Take care,

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