Friday, July 3, 2009

Playing Outside

Now that we have our swing set assembled, I could not wait to get the boys outside to enjoy the back yard. With triplets being cared for by one parent at a time, it is a little challenging... let me rephrase that... impossible to take the boys out to play at a park. I am sure that we could take them and strategically move the in and out of the stroller one at a time to play but I don't think any of us would have fun. Now, we have our own playground right in the safety of our fenced in back yard. Run boys, run!!!

We went out in the morning so it was not too hot and we spent a little time swinging in our new swings. The boys really enjoyed it... Here is a little video. You have to love a Mother's silly sound effects...

We set up the bubble blower but the boys seemed more interested in checking out the strange green carpet.... Don't worry! Our little engineer was determined to figure out how this magical bubble blowing contraption works.... Andrew was not to crazy about walking in the grass. Once we were done swinging, I set them down in the grass while running the bubble blower. Andrew sat for a minute and then got up to make his way back to the patio. He gingerly walked about half way back and then froze in his tracks. I had to help him back to the patio. This is a rare picture of him actually walking in the grass... Once back up on the patio, the boys discovered a pile of wood left over from Daddy's swing set building project. The boys decided they would help Daddy finish off the final touches of the swing set...Wes is going either going to secure the swing set or he plans on hunting some Vampires tonight (Mommy may be watching too much TrueBlood)... Jared gets into the act... Check out this lifting technique! Andrew's body is build for lifting heavy weights. He may look chunky but he is SOLID.... "solid as a rock"....

After the boys had played on the patio for a while, they started to get brave and explore the yard. Jared and Wesley started to wander around the swing set and the tree in the back yard. After a few minutes, Jared, Wesley and I were out in the yard and Andrew clearly wanted to join us. As mentioned previously, he was not crazy about walking in the grass and he started to cry (from frustration) and pace back and forth on the patio. As any good Mother would do, I decided to take a little video. He was acting like the grass was molten lava or some other substance that was just as dangerous. I sure do love you, Andrew....

I am sure as more time passes, the boys will become more and more comfortable in the back yard and we will have more and more things to do out there other than play with some wood. It will be very exciting to watch the boys grow into the swing set!

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