Wednesday, November 12, 2008

7 Months Old & Our 6 Month Professional Photos

We are 7 months old today! We are growing big and strong and are learning so many new things every day. As of today we.....

Still sleep through the night (12 full hours)

Take two naps 10-12 and 2-4

We can all sit without any support

We can all hold our own bottles

We eat 4 - 8oz bottles each day

We eat two meals of solid food at 8:30ish and 5:30ish

We laugh and giggle

We make all kinds of sounds

We can all roll in both directions

We can support our weight on our legs but like to bounce so we are not standing on our own

During the day we spend our time in our jumperoos and playing on the floor

The boys are still wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers but are quickly growing out of these sizes.

We can all get up on our hands and knees and rock, rock, rock. Here is a video of the boys "racing." They have not quite grasped the concept of "racing" but I know one day very soon they will be taking off and I will not be able to catch them!

Today the boys took their 6 pictures with Ms. Dina. The boys were so much better than their 3 month pictures and we were actually able to get a couple good group shots. Ms. Dina really wanted them to be able to sit for these pictures so we wanted to give them a little extra time to learn this skill since they were born a month early. It turns out the boys did not need the extra time since they have been sitting for about 3 weeks.

Half of the sitting was done in the buff! Spending almost 45minutes with 3 naked boys makes for a very wet morning!! The boys were so very cute. We have a leap frog that sings the alphabet and this proved to be the secret to calming them as they started to become tired. We took photos for over an hour and then the boys were able to nap while we debated on which photos to choose. We were able to get a few photos with one or two of the boys smiling but not all three. I look forward to our 9 month sitting.... I have a good feeling that this will be the one!

You can view the poses we selected of boys 6 month photos until 12/18/08 at the following link:

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  1. Can't wait until this stage! Chuckled about capturing that perfect picture...I can totally relate!



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