Sunday, November 9, 2008

A picture that says a 1,000 words....

These words include wonderful, terrific, exciting, astounding, super, magnificent, breathtaking, astonishing, brilliant, fantastic, marvelous, beautiful...... I really could go on!

Here is the picture...

Yes, all three boys are holding their own bottles!!!! Yippee!!! Wesley was the first to "grasp" the idea and Jared was close behind him. Andrew, to no surprise, was slow to demonstrate this skill. I think he was physically able to hold the bottle but I think he just preferred the full-service style restaurant. We now spend meal times moving up and down the line repositioning bottles but with every day, they are getting stronger. While I miss those little babies, I am really happy to have reached this great day!

For the astute observers, yes they are all dressed alike and this was my doing. However, the synchronized crossing of the right leg over the left leg was completely spontaneous :-)

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  1. dang! my boys only started doing it maybe 2 weeks ago! you are soooo lucky. :)


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