Monday, November 3, 2008

Ms. Hilary's Visit

We were lucky enough to have Ms. Hilary visit this past weekend. She arrived on Halloween and was wonderful enough to help us pass out candy to all of the trick-or-treaters. She spent the weekend getting to know the boys. She loved "talking" to Andrew and most of all, rocking Jared to sleep! I am not sure who enjoyed this more, Hilary or Jared. My boys have never really experienced the joy of being rocked to sleep so when someone is here and willing to rock, by all means... rock away! I use to freak out when someone would want to rock them. However, they have such a solid bedtime routine a few nights of rocking will not harm anything so ROCK AWAY if the boys will let you.

Ms. Hilary tried to make it through the weekend without changing a diaper but she could not resist the temptation (or was it the threat of me blogging about it?). On Sunday, we treated Ms. Hilary to an afternoon of football fun!! Even though football is not something Hilary would choose to do on a Sunday afternoon, she was a great sport and watched the Bucs game with the boys, Grandma Sally and I. She probably will not admit it but I think she even enjoyed it ... maybe a little. At least she enjoyed cuddling with Jared in his all too cute football onesie!
Ms. Hilary made a wonderful dinner for us on Sunday evening and we all enjoyed a dinner sitting at the dining room table. We do not sit in there very much these days. We had a wonderful weekend and really enjoyed spending time with Ms. Hilary. Our home is always open and we hope you make it back very soon to cuddle with the boys!

Here is a video of Ms. Hilary and Andrew having a very deep philosophical conversation. I am holding Wesley while taking the video and he kept trying to grab the camera which makes it a little shakey. Even though it is shakey, I could not resist sharing this conversation.....

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