Sunday, November 23, 2008

Huh what... I'm Awake!

Wesley is our little guy that thinks he does not need to nap as much as the other guys. He does nap but he wakes up much earlier than Andrew and Jared. The boys start their afternoon nap at 2pm and typically sleep until sometime between 3:30 & 4:00. Frequently, Wesley will wake as early at 3pm. I don't mind Wesley waking up early because he really can function on less sleep than Jared and much less than Andrew. I fully understand that the day will roll around that Andrew and Jared realize Wesley gets up early from this nap and I will have to address that. Until then, this is usually the time that Wesley gets some one on one with Mom or Dad.

Because he wakes up from his afternoon nap we have a common phenomenon. When it is time for bed, Wesley is more than ready for bed. Because he is such a "big boy" that does not need his naps, he likes to try very hard to stay awake and finish his bottle but more than not he looses this battle. Here are a few shots and a video of Wesley's last bottle of the day.....

Here is another night....

This is a different night... Wake up Wesley.... Jared's coming for your bottle....

Since I am talking about the bedtime bottle activities, I felt it important to share Andrew's little quirk. Andrew is very serious about his sleep. As mentioned earlier in this post, he NEEDS his sleep. The boys wake up in the morning at 7:30. By 8am, I will wake Andrew if he is not up. There have been a couple moments when we have him sleep and he will sleep all the way until 8:30. During naps, he is also the first to fall asleep and the last to wake. When it is time for bed, he is also very ready to hit the sack. He will hold his own bottle during the day but for the last bottle of the night, he does not seem to have enough hands to hold the bottle and cover his eyes in the dramatic fashion demonstrated in the following picture. We have discussed getting him one of those masks to cover his precious eyes so he can hold his bottle. He is so funny!

One more funny sleeping picture! Mike went to get the boys up the other morning and this is how he found Andrew. He was not fussing at all. Again, too funny! The bumpers are no longer serving any purpose in the crib.

Regardless of their little sleepy quirks, the boys are still wonderful sleepers and go to bed each evening without a problem!

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