Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bathing in the Sink

The boys have officially outgrown their baby tub and we are transitioning to the sink. Within the next couple weeks, we will make the transition into the big tub. The boys are very good sitters but we are both a little nervous about having all the boys in the tub at the same time. On Thanksgiving, the boys took their baths in Grandma's sink and I was able to get a couple pictures of Andrew. After Andrew, I was busy with rub downs and jammies to take pictures of the other boys. Andrew looked like he was hanging out in a hot tub!!

We tried baths in the sink one time before we were at Grandma's house. During this effort, Jared was first and I was able to get his picture.

Don't worry, we will get a picture of Wesley. When I get his picture in the sink, I will make sure I post it as well. You may notice that when the boys have wet hair, all three have curls! Jared's hair is actually getting quite long and we have a lot of fun playing with those curls.

I remember giving these little babies their first baths and they just screamed. They have all learned to really enjoy bath time and I am sure being with each other in the bath tub will bring on an entirely new element of fun. Bring on the bath toys!!

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