Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Our first Thanksgiving with the boys was wonderful! We traveled to Grandma & Grandpa's for the week. We traveled to Brandon on Monday evening after the boys had their bedtime bottle. This travel time seems to be the best time for the boys because they sleep for the majority of the trip.

Prior to hitting the road, we weighed the boys. I knew the boys were getting big and with the weight limit on the infant seats at 22lbs, I wanted to get an update. Jared weighed in at 21lbs, Andrew weighed 19.5lbs and Wesley remained our peanut at 19lbs. Based on these weights, I think this might be our last trip in the infant carriers. It is going to be a little bittersweet to retire the infant carriers and transition to the big boy seats.

Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim were going to the beach for Thanksgiving (typical Floridians) so they would not be with us for Thanksgiving dinner. Because of this, they came over for dinner on Tuesday evening. Pooka and Aunt Joan also came over for dinner on Tuesday evening. The boys were very happy to visit with everyone and were even more excited to be pampered as they were getting ready for bed. Since the boys have been holding their bottles, we have not been holding them as much to eat (sad, I know). We had enough arms this night so the boys were treated like the superstars they are!! Jared was so use to taking care of himself when Uncle Lance would try to hold his bottle, Jared would get a little upset. Lesson learned... don't try to get between Jared and his bottle.

On Thanksgiving, the boys woke up and spent the morning watching the traditional Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. In the pictures you can see them chillin' in their bouncy seats watching the parade. The parade coverage was long enough that they watched the beginning, took their nap and were awake in time to see their new friend Santa and Mrs. Claus (for Jared).

Later in the afternoon, the boys took in a little traditional Thanksgiving football. We were joined for Thanksgiving dinner by Aunt Pam and Zack. Zack enjoyed playing with the boys and entertained them by flying a paper glider all over the living room.

While the boys were taking their afternoon nap, we had our adult Thanksgiving dinner (ummm!). After the boys woke from their nap, it was their turn to have Thanksgiving dinner. I know it is a little early to introduce meat to the boys but I could not resist. The boys ate baby food turkey dinner which was turkey and sweet potatoes. I am sure they did not notice the difference but I thought it was only too appropriate to have turkey on Thanksgiving.

With all of the activity during the day, the boys were very tired when bedtime rolled around and it was definitely time for bed. They all got a little fussy but once everyone was bathed and dressed, they were quickly in bed. Over the week, Daddy was not feeling well and was battling a cold. Get well soon Daddy!

Lastly, I thought this "shot" was too funny! Below you see a bottle representation of little family. Daddy's bottle, Mommy's bottle and the boys' bottles....

We had a wonderful and memorable first Thanksgiving!! We hope that next year we are able to get together with all of our cousins included our new little cousin Laura.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Take care,


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