Monday, November 10, 2008

Grandma Sally is Here to Help

Grandma Sally arrived last Saturday while Ms. Hilary was still here. She was here to visit with the boys and to lend a helping hand. I was away this week to attend a conference in Orlando and Grandma came to help out Daddy with the boys and to care for them while I was at work on Monday and Friday.

On Monday, Grandma was caring for the boys while I was working in the office (usually work from home on Monday). She did a great job with the boys and deserves a badge of honor for surviving the end of this day. The boys have not adjusted well to the time change and staying up an extra hour was not their idea of fun. When I arrived home from work on Monday, it was clear that the boys were ready and had been ready for bed for a little while. It is a good thing that Grandma was here to care for the boys on Monday because this is normally when Ms. Ilona is with them. The boys were very fussy and we may have not seen Ms. Ilona again. Grandma has to come back :-) Thank you Grandma... the boys are sorry for being so sleepy! I was away at the conference during the week and Grandma and Daddy report that the boys took almost the entire week to adjust to the time change. I am so sorry that I missed it (insert sarcastic tone here) :-)

Grandma was here for Buccaneer Football Sunday and was able to hang out with the boys. After the game, Grandma was able to feed the boys using their new dinner table. Here is a short video of Grandma feeding the boys some Peas! You can't see it because of the angle of the video but Wesley likes to help out whomever is feeding him. If you put out your pinkie finger, he will grab it to guide the spoon into his mouth. Also, he LOVES his food. He may not eat all of his bottle but he does not like to wait between bites at dinner time.

Note - Uncle Lance, please make sure you watch the entire video as Grandma gives a little "shout out" to how you ate as a child....

Thank you for helping us out again Grandma Sally!! We wish you lived closer so you could visit the boys more and we could abuse your willingness to babysit!!

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